Since Chein Fa Industrial Co., Ltd was founded, we just devote to design and manufacture the best fasteners tooling, Screws & Nuts Forming Dies, with high quality, longer working life, precision, etc. We also have a solid production team, and our engineers are engaged in this field for nearly 30 years until now. With past abundant experience, we ever help our customers to find the solution ways for a lot of problems during their fasteners manufacture process.

In our mind, we think to design any fasteners tooling is an important work of "Art" all the way. As far as a work of "Art", it is necessary to require perfect and no defects. Based on this belief, we insist on doing the best as possible as we could. Customers probably get great lost caused by any little fault of tooling. Therefore, we seriously think it is our duty to offer not only good quality fasteners tooling, but customer's greatest content.